Get the Most Out of Your EnduraPouch

Get the Most Out of Your EnduraPouch

February 07, 2017

Eating on a long run, hike or family camping trip poses a conundrum for the environmentally conscientious: you want to have food with you, but you don’t want to continually waste packaging and risk littering with the single serve packages. As more people move towards making their own food and sports nutrition products, storage becomes a problem as well: either bulky reusable containers or unsustainable plastic baggies.

We have the solution for you! Whether you are a hiker, long distance or trail runner, or car camper, you will find a use for the EnduraPouch - a reusable, BPA-free, dishwasher-friendly, mess-free storage solution for easily eating on the go.

A Quick Overview

The EnduraPouch holds approximately 3 ounces of food, such as nut butters or fruit purees. Long distance runners can utilize the EnduraPouch to hold up to 2.5-3 running gels, which is perfect for marathons and half marathons.

Whether you are out on a long run or hiking through the backcountry, you want to minimize the weight and volume of your gear. Packages of food and sports nutrition products can be bulky and add undesirable weight. The EnduraPouch solves this problem with a lightweight and sleek pouch. The pouches fit easily into a pocket, the brain of your backpack, or a fuel belt. One full pouch is far less cumbersome than 3 gels, a jar of nut butter, or multiple packets of children’s fruit puree snacks.

You can store this pouch in your pocket or backpack without worrying about a mess. A strong zip lock type seal prevents the contents from leaking out of the bottom. Just be sure to tightly seal it (as you should do with any seal). In tests, this pouch has made it through multiple marathon training long runs and hiking trips with no mess. Even when the cap fell off in at the start of the marathon, the gel did not spill at all in the user’s pocket.

Cold weather can cause a loss of dexterity in the hands, while gloves can make it harder to open packets. The EnduraPouch is easy to open no matter the weather, thanks to a large, grippable cap. Instead of stopping on your run or hike to fumble with packaging, you can eat and keep moving at the same time with this pouch.

These pouches are dishwasher safe, which means they are super easy to clean. The cap goes into the utensil holder of the dishwasher and the pouch on one of the prongs in the top of the dishwasher – and each time, they come out as clean as new. If you are in the backcountry, you can easily rinse the pouch out with filtered water for a temporary wash.

EnudraPouch Makes Fueling with Whole Foods Easier

Whether you are trail running or backpacking, the EnduraPouch is an excellent option for carrying real foods for fueling. You can store mashed sweet potatoes, applesauce, homemade energy gel, or nut butters in the pouch and easily eat it as you need. No more wasteful plastic bags or bulky containers!


For camping trips, you can use to the EnduraPouch for a multitude of food purposes. Pack oatmeal for breakfast or condiments to season up your campfire dinner - the possibilities are endless!

EnduraPouch is Environmentally Friendly

With the EnduraPouch, you will always follow the Leave No Trace principle on the trail. The EnduraPouch is reusable and dishwasher-safe - no trash to carry with you. Instead of buying single-serve gel packets or nut butter packets, you can fill the Endurapouch with exactly how much food you need - therefore eliminating food waste as well.



The EnduraPouch is Versatile

Runners, hikers, whole foodies looking for portable snacks, and parents will all find a use for these reusable pouches! Popular uses of the EnduraPouch include:

  • Storing large quantities of gel for marathons, half marathons, and long runs
  • Whole foods fueling options for runners (no more messy fingers!)
  • Making your own single serve nut butter packets
  • Serving fruit purees for kids’ snacks
  • Carrying condiments for camping meals
  • And many more!