The Gear You Need to Hike Year-Round

Unlike some other outdoor activities, there is no seasonal limit on hiking. You can enjoy the beauty that nature offers during every season: the fresh flowers of spring, the vibrant foliage of fall, and the serene snowfall of winter.

However, without the right gear, hiking throughout the weather that the different seasons bring - rain, snow, wind, and cold - can prove challenging and less than desirable. The solution is simple: prepare yourself for hiking in all weather conditions by investing in high-quality, reliable gear for all weather conditions, especially the rain and cold.


Fall is the perfect hiking season, with the cooler temperatures and fall foliage. However, the weather can be drastically different than in the cities during this time of year. You may find it to be colder and rainier at the mountain tops than at normal elevation! To prepare, wear wicking base layers and pack multiple other layers in your backpack - including rain jackets and warm fleece jackets such as those found in our EverGreen collection.


Winter hiking requires the most special gear to keep you warm and safe in the snow - but it’s all worth it for the beauty of the snow-covered mountains and the thrill of hiking in deep powder. Snowshoes and microspikes will aid you in hiking through the snow, while warm yet breathable layers will keep you comfortable enough to spend hours outside in cold conditions.

A sturdy rain jacket is a must for winter hiking, as it will keep you dry from any snowfall or melting snow. Getting wet during a winter hike can be dangerous, as wet clothes will cause you to chill and possibly lead to hypothermia.


At least in the Pacific Northwest, spring hiking can be characterized in one word: muddy. The snow is melting, which often leads to muddy trails and waterfall from tree limbs. While spring can bring pleasant, mild weather, you can anticipate warm spring rains on your hikes as well.  

Gaiters will protect your shoes and pants from mud and a breathable rain jacket will keep you dry no matter what the weather.


Warm weather means you don’t need heavy layers or lots of extra gear on your hikes. Your gear on summer hikes should keep you cool, dry, and protected from the sun.  Opt for base layers in wicking fabric to keep you cool, hats to protect your face from the sun, and a rain jacket in case of summer showers.

Notice how rain jackets make the list for each season! No matter where you live or hike, rain can occur in the mountains during any month of the year. You don’t want to be caught unprepared and spoil a hike with soaked clothing. Yet you also don’t want to choose a rain jacket that doesn’t breathe, as this can cause you to overheat, sweat, and then feel chilled and damp - exactly the opposite effect as a rain jacket should have.

The Gear Well EverGreen Advanced Dry Shell

The EverGreen Advanced Dry Shell meets your needs for an all-season rain jacket. It will keep you warm and dry through January snowshoeing treks and prevent you from overheating during rainy July backpacking trips.


The technology of the EverGreen Advanced Dry Shell utilizes the dynamic air exchange of the Polartec NeoShell to stop water and the wind without trapping extra body heat and sweat.

The EverGreen Advanced Dry Shell features a special set of zippers so that you can zip in the EverGreen Polartec fleece or vest. During cold, rainy hikes in late fall, winter, and early spring, these additional fleece layers will keep you warm as the rain jacket keeps you dry. The layers can be worn on their own as well, which makes them ideal choices for when the rain stops - no need to weigh down your bag with extra clothing.

Spring through winter, the right gear will keep you out on the trail and in the backcountry longer.  The EverGreen Collection continues this tradition - designed and made in Colorado and tested at 11,000+ feet of elevation in blistering wind and cold.  Professional grade and guaranteed to allow you to be who you are and be it well.